Xiaomi/Redmi, Samsung, HTC, Sony, Lenovo, Motorola, LG, Vivo phones are fully compatible with Onespy. We also provide two-sided audio recordings on Samsung Galaxy S8, S9 & other Android Phones with upto OS 8 or above. Remote installation service for Vivo phones now available.

Undeletable (ELITE)

ONESPY is a 100% Undeletable Phone Spy App, hence No Worries!

PRIME features + non-deletable does not remove on factory reset.

  • You can track Any Android Smartphone in hidden mode.
  • Even after multiple reset, ONESPY runs actively on the target device.
  • With active internet connectivity, ONESPY delivers results on time.
  • All ONESPY features including call recording operate in stealth mode.

Onespy Exclusive (ELITE)

Factory data reset, Phone format usually removes any phone spy application installed on the device. It happens when a person deliberately wipes-off the complete phone data. Kids often try doing it to get rid of useless phone data which gets saved on the device after using it for quite some time. And then the hassle of spy app installation begins again to monitor kids or employees.


PRIME features + non-deletable (does not remove on factory reset).

Exclusively for Samsung
Onespy Ultra

Required: Physical access to the target android phone.

Note: Pricing for SAMSUNG S8, S8+, S9 and S9+ will cost you more than what's mentioned here.

However with ONESPY, we’re proud to announce that our Android Spy Application is one of the best and only undeletable spying app available across India. Once the software is installed on the target user’s device, he/she cannot remove it even after resetting their smartphone as many times as they want. As soon as the target user starts using the cell phone again, the phone spy app continues functioning in a healthy manner as before.

ONESPY Android Spy App is absolutely undeletable. This will diminish your hassle of installing the application over and over and will keep your family and office secure all times. You can install the application in your business devices and can use it on your kid’s smartphone. The best part is that even if your kid is travelling abroad for studies, the software will function and deliver immaculate monitoring results on your dashboard.

Users who wish to use Undeletable feature on ONESPY need to send their device to our office premises for installing Ultra Package, as it undergoes an intensive technical & proprietary installation procedure. The feature works specifically in Ultra Pack.