Xiaomi/Redmi, Samsung, HTC, Sony, Lenovo, Motorola, LG, Vivo phones are fully compatible with Onespy. We also provide HD Call Recording for Samsung Galaxy S10, Galaxy S9, Galaxy S8 and many other Android Phones with upto OS 9 (without rooting). Remote installation service for Vivo phones now available.

Best Spy Apps Guidebook

What is a Spy App?

You may have already heard of the number of Spy Apps available in the market. However, most of you may not be aware of the fact that What these spy apps are. What they do. How to get one of them. In which devices you can use a spy app. Are there are free spy apps? And a ton of other frequently asked questions about the Spy apps you may receive. But before we move on to check the best spy applications available in the market, let’s look at the introductory part first, moving to features offered by spy apps and the Best Spy Apps available in the market.
Cell Phone Spy Apps or Mobile Phone Spy Apps are phone monitoring tool that help you track all the phone activities of a smartphone remotely. They let you monitor all the incoming and outgoing text messages, phone calls, instant messenger data, as well as phone internet browser data via a dedicated control panel.

There are a number of Spy apps for mobile phones which you can buy.

There are quite a number of phone monitoring applications available globally. However, the number of such apps goes down tremendously if we talk about the best Spy apps available in the World. The cell phone monitoring apps that operate in India wouldn’t even reach to a two-digit number. However, the best Spy application which you can get in India and made in India is ONESPY. This is the best spy app for android smartphones. Apart from that people can go for Spyzie, Mspy, and flexispy are some of the other options available in the market.

Out of all the Spy Apps, which phone spy software is best for Android Phones?

Android smartphones are the highest number of cell phones used by people globally. Samsung, Sony, Xiaomi, Vivo, OPPO and Asus are some of the renowned names in the Android Smartphone industry. ONESPY phone spy app is at the top amongst the best spy apps for Android smartphones in the World.
ONESPY cell phone spy lets you track all incoming and outgoing calls, inbound/ outbound text SMS, phone browser data, instant messenger chats, WhatsApp chat conversations, Facebook Messenger Chats, Instagram Chat messages, Chat Text messages and a ton of other phone monitoring features that lets you spy on a smartphone.
ONESPY Spy Apps for Android can be operated remotely and will function in the background only. The cell phone spy app doesn’t come with any icon and operates in hidden mode.

Are there any Free Spy Apps for Android phones?

Yes, there are a number of free spy apps which you install on any Android smartphone. A spy app as well told you earlier lets you spy on a cell phone tirelessly. Cell phone spy apps can be used on various cell phones, while at the same time they can also be used on tablets as well. Spy apps are great in case you wish to monitor your kids. You can also use this tool for monitoring the activities of your employees on the company provided cell phone.
If your kid is a minor and you wish to monitor his/ her cell phone. You can do it without any trouble.
If your data is sensitive, and you want to make sure that the all the corporate phones shall be only used for company operations, a spy phone app will be beneficial for you.
As far the number of free spy apps is concerned, there are a number of free spy applications available in the market. User can install a spy software for free into his smartphone in a jiffy. You only need to type free spy app for Android or any other operating system that your target device is running on. But its always advisable to opt for a paid spy app, as the paid ones only come at a minimalistic cost and give you tremendous advantages to spy on any cell phone. If you’re looking for the best spy software for android phone, we would recommend you of buying the best in the industry, ONESPY. Out of all the other spy apps that are available in the market, ONESPY android spy app is available for android smartphones specifically. This spy app is dedicatedly developed keeping in mind the requirements of the target user. In case you wish to install a spy application in the smartphone, ONESPY phone tracker application will never disappoint you.

Benefits of using a Cell Phone Spy Application

For the last couple of years, the number of spy applications has risen to an unmatchable number. Spy apps are tools that are designed to keep your monitoring efficient then whether its with kids or with employees.
A spy software once installed on the target device will monitor live GPS Location of your kids. It will share the details about latitude and longitude details over to your control panel. And will keep you updated every time your child walks out of the house.
Spy apps offers additional benefits which you can claim the benefits of once you install the application into the device. The spy application is loaded on the target device first, it will then not only track the active GPS location of the device but will also give you the advantage to check their Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp account anytime.
If your kid is using his smartphone to speak with an anonymous person, you can use spy apps to check who the person is. You can then you about the topic that your child is discussing on the phone.
With the help of spy apps, whether its ONESPY Spy app for Android phones, or any other spy application, you can read Instagram messages, WhatsApp Chat conversations and Facebook chat messages with the click of a button. On the contrary, the biggest advantage that you get with an Android phone spy application is that you can use the service in your multiple commercial devices to check what’s happening on the company phones.
Commercial devices are cell phones and other gadgets which are provided by employer to employee for the sake of using it generate income and remain active for any sort of grievance.
If you’re an employer and has purchased a hundred devices for customer support, how will you manage all the devices? How will you track the purposes for which these devices are being used for? How will you make sure that the employees are doing the appropriate activities which they need to work on?
In all such scenarios, people require spy apps on smartphones. This is not the generation when a phone tapping machine will get all the job done. You need a special tool. A tool that may get all the task done without worrying about the any other things. Spy phone apps will help you get rid of all your cell phone tracking troubles. You only need to install the software in the target device. The software will function in the background all the time. It will remain 100% undetectable all time and will share all the phone information with you over your control panel.
In case you’re purchasing smartphones for commercial use, we would help you find the best spy app. ONESPY cell phone monitoring application is the best application which you can install on the target device and will save you of all your phone monitoring troubles. It will record not only the phone calls made over the target device but will also keep you updated about the other features that a person uses on his smartphone. Among the other spy apps, ONESPY phone monitoring application will make your life easier and will give you benefits which you can’t even imagine.
Now you may be clear about the use of ONESPY phone spy application. You are only required to install this application in your kids and you can also do the same with your employee’s cell phone. ONESPY phone spy application will record everything on its control panel saving you time and energy and will keep you updated irrespective of day and night.
Moving on to find the best Spy Apps which you can get to begin your phone tracking journey right away are here.

What are the 10 Best Spy Apps for Parental Control?

Various spy apps are already available in the market. Whether you’re a parent or an employer, you can take the advantage of any of these spy applications and begin tracking the devices today onwards.
However, we know most of you may be confused among which spy application should you purchase to get the best Android tracker application or the best cell phone spy application for your smart device. Therefore, we bring you the list of Top 10 Spy Apps which you can use for parental control of to begin phone tracking today.

10.XNSPY - This spy application is available for Android and iOS devices all over the world. This phone tracking application offers a list of appealing features. Occupying 10th position on our list of “10 Best Spy Apps for parental control”, the phone spy app lets you monitor emails, social media platforms (e.g. Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber), GPS location monitoring, phone call recordings, multimedia and more.

9.Hoverwatch – Like other phone spy applications, Hoverwatch is a good spy tool. It gives you the ability to monitor GPS location of a person’s cell phone. You can receive all incoming outgoing text messages with this spy phone tracker application along with the name and number of the person. Along with the name and number of the recipient, you also get the time and date information of every conversation made on the device.
Among all the phone spy tracker application, Hoverwatch can let you view deleted messages, images and media files stored on the device which you can then download on your control panel. This cell phone spy software works in hidden mode. It also gives you the benefits to monitor all social media messages, call logs, calendars and schedules.

8.Qustodio- Occupying the 8th position, this spy application for phones is an efficient parental control spy application which users can get in the market. This cell phone spy application named Qustodio is available on multiple devices such as Kindle as well as Nook.
People looking to buy this cell phone monitoring tool can have a look at the free version first of the application which is available on its website.
Qustodio hidden spy app can also be used for school kids to improve parental control. This spy call recorder application comes with an online dashboard that lets you see and manage your child’s phone activities with the click of a button.
You can have a look at the entire pricing details of the Qustodio parental control application anytime from google.

7.iKeyMonitor- As the name suggests from this phone spy application tool, this spy application for phones and smart devices is the key to monitor all gadgets. When it comes to only Android smartphones, it is always advisable to go with ONESPY Android Spy App, iKeymonitor is a decent tool for tracking the activities of other OS gadgets.
Monitoring cell phone activities is incomplete without naming the best spy application for Android phones, we’ll help you select the best. However, iKeyMonitor, occupying 8th position in our best parental control app pick for both Android and Apple devices. This spy software lets you track inbound/ outbound SMS text messages, voice messages as well as video messages shared on its platform, pictures along with emoticons.
iKeyMonitor phone spying software give you the advantage to also monitor web history, email applications and WhatsApp messages.
For better info and details about packages, you can visit the application website online anytime.

6.mSpy- mSpy phone monitoring, cell phone spying application is a London based tech company which started in the year 2010. This spy application for smart devices offers you mobile monitoring facilities along with computer monitoring. This phone spy application can be used with numerous smart devices which are available in the market. If you wish to begin phone monitoring, cell phone tracking, just install the application into the device and it will record the physical location of the target device and will also give you additional features on your control panel.
From the other Spy apps available in the market, mSpy phone spy application lets you track a wide variety of activities of their kids including the child’s physical location to their browser history, images, video, multimedia, texts, emails messages, and more.
The best part about this cell phone tracker application is that, this spy application can also be installed on a Mac OS device. Therefore, you need not worry in case you wish to spy iPhone, Spy mac device or any other apple device.

5. Spy Phone App– If we company Spy phone app to other Android phone monitoring applications that are available in the market, this spy tool is one of the recent iterations which you can purchase in the market.
Spy phone app cell phone spy and phone monitoring application has secured 5th spot in our list of “10 Spy Apps for efficient parental Control” due to the monitoring features that it can offer to you.
Spy phone app, just like other phone monitoring applications, also lets you track GPS location, MMS/SMS logs, Contacts details, internet browser along with the social media applications as well.
Overall, this spy phone app is an easy to use phone monitoring solution and can be used to access all tracking data on a Jailbroken Apple iPhone device or a rooted Android cell phone with the click of a button.
If you wish to check all the features of this mobile monitoring application or want to track GPS location using spy phone app, you can do it by visiting Spy phone website via Google.

3.ThetruthSPY- Most of the curious parents may have already been aware of ThetruthSPY cell phone monitoring application, while some of them are using this cell phone spy app by now on their devices already for phone monitoring. This phone monitoring application is 100% undetectable and also easy to install.
Thetruthspy provides you with an extended list of cell phone monitoring features which you can use on any cell phone. The most prominent features offered by this spy application are listed below:

You can access the entire list of features that are offered by this spy application on its website itself. Take a look at all the features offered by this phone monitoring application and begin tracking the target android device right away.
But before you start phone tracking with ThetruthSPY parental control app, we would recommend you looking at best phone spy applications of our list of 10 best Spy Apps for Parental Control listed below.

2.Spyzie- We know that Android and iOS are the two most popular operating systems which are used globally by maximum number of users. In case you’re looking for a solution to get the iOS tracking and doesn’t want to dilapidate much, spyzie phone spy monitoring application can become a decent application.
There is an extended list of features offered by Spyzie that includes Call log monitoring, Contacts information, SMS Text Messages, GPS location tracking and more.
You can visit Spyzie website anytime anywhere with the help of Google or any other internet browser and can begin tracking your cell phone via its helpful control panel.
Spyzie also lets you access calendar info, Browser history, video, keylogger, and many other spy phone features.

1.ONESPY- Looking for the one and only best parental control solution for all your android phone monitoring solution, ONESPY is best in the World. This phone monitoring application is downloaded by over 300,000 users across India and is the highest selling phone tracking and monitoring application.
ONESPY is also rated as the best parental control app by parents all over the World.
Among all the Spy apps for android smartphones, ONESPY cell phone spy solution gives you over 30 advanced phone monitoring features which you can use to spy on any android phone with the click of a button.
ONESPY is the highest selling phone spy application in the World and is also the most reliable one.
There are a number of tremendous phone monitoring and cell phone tracking features which are offered by ONESPY, some of which are listed below:

ONESPY phone spy application as of now is only available on Android smartphone specifically.
All those parents and employees who are worried can download ONESPY cell phone tracking solution just with the click of a button and can get access to the ground-breaking phone monitoring and spying capabilities.
ONESPY cell phone spy application also gives you the advantage to look check the entire demo page of the control panel before making the purchase.
Operating legitimately, this cell phone monitoring application is developed for Kids and employee monitoring only.
You must contact ONESPY for additional package related info and check with this spy apps discounted packages as well.
On our list of best WhatsApp spy apps and phone monitoring applications, ONESPY is the only one which leads the command.