Location Tracker

Track real-time location and find out where they are

  • Discover precise location of your loved ones with ONESPY.
  • Track whether your kids make it to school or not.
  • Locate your field staff during working hours.
  • Get exact latitude & longitude coordinates.
  • In case of no GPS get accurate location with network provider data.

Location Tracker

ONESPY GPS tracking mobile app converts your target android device into a location tracker. But before we look into the functioning of the software, let’s know a little about what GPS Tracking is.

What is GPS Tracking?

GPS or Global Positioning System is a technology which is used to locate the precise location of a person. GPS is used by users across the world to read maps, to find the location of a specific spot, and to locate the precise location of the user.

In contrast to GPS, GPS tracking enables you to track the live location of a specific device. There are various software which can be used to navigate the position of a device, however not all of them are trustworthy.

How to use GPS Tracker?

ONESPY GPS Tracker, GPS Tracker Android, GPS Phone Tracker, GPS Location tracker application is a fantastic tool for all those who are looking for a software to track their kids location while they are at school, vacationing or on a trip to a far place.

ONESPY GPS tracker app is widely used by parents in world. Keeping an eye on kids while they are going for tuitions or school keeps you updated about their exact location. After installing the application into their kid’s cell phones, parents feel carefree as they know exactly where their kid is going to. Also, they can alarm their kid if he’s going to an alien territory.

In other scenarios, there is a huge demand of this tracking feature from employers in the world. All superiors want to know where their employee is travelling when he’s in field. Often times employees don’t go to client and just spend time carelessly. In such scenarios, company loses customers, which in turn leads to lesser revenue generation. Most managers demand ONESPY as it home-brewed keeping into consideration all the requirements of users in India.

ONESPY is the best GPS tracker app in the world.

There is an entire list of additional features which you receive with ONESPY. But there are a couple of reasons which make ONESPY stand out. And here are some:

  • Is it legal?- As ONESPY is developed and designed for Kids monitoring and employee monitoring only, the Monitoring phone application is legitimate to use. However always check with your state and country laws before using the application. You can use ONESPY to monitor your minor kids and employees.

  • Quick support- ONESPY delivers timely support to all its queries immediately.

Apart from GPS Phone tracking, does ONESPY offers any additional features?

Yes, there are more than 30 additional features that you get after you install ONESPY cellphone monitoring app:

  • Call Tracking & Contacts – ONESPY phone monitoring application lets you track all phone calls made over the cell phone along with call history, contact info and timestamp.

  • Ambient sound- ONESPY further brings the capability to record ambient sound around the target android smartphone. This feature lets you listen all sounds and conversations around the target android device anytime.

  • WhatsApp Monitoring- ONESPY GPS Tracker Android application is a great tool in case you’re looking for and application that can monitor all the chat conversations that took place on WhatsApp. ONESPY will deliver you all the chat conversations with the inbound and outbound text messages, and also shares the date and time data of each and every chat conversation.

  • Call recording- Call recording feature on ONESPY is one of the most popular features available on this cell phone Monitoring Application. ONESPY gives you the ability to record all the calls which are being made over the target android device. The call recordings are shared over your control panel as and when they take place.

  • FacebookSpy- Facebook is the most widely used social media platforms across the world. These days not only teenagers, kids and adults also use the application across the globe. ONESPY GPS tracker application along with its other incredible features also packs the capability to Monitoring on all the Facebook chats. It shares all conversations over to your control panel along with images shared on Facebook