Hidden Voice Recorder

Remotely listen to all sounds near the target device

  • Activate microphone on the target device with one command.
  • Listen to real-time audios or record sounds to listen later.
  • All the audio files with audio length will be available on ONESPY panel.
  • Receive date and time details with every single recording.
  • Download files on your computer to create backup.

Hidden Voice Recorder

Hidden voice recorder feature on ONESPY dashboard is one of the highly acclaimed features used by users across the world.

This feature gives you tremendous ability to listen to all sounds that are produced around the target device. To do so, ONESPY Monitoring voice recorder activates the microphone installed on the target device with a single click and shares the entire audio recording with you.

ONESPY Surround sound recording feature is available on ONESPY control panel. All new and existing users who wish to use this feature can access their control panel and look for “surround recordings” tab.

Once you’ve opened the surround recordings tab, you can select as many audio recordings as you wish. The audio length, download option, audio size and timestamp will be appended with every single recording.

Why you need Hidden Voice Recorder?

Make sure all the users that wish to use this feature shall do it for legal purposes only. Failure in not doing so could get you into trouble. ONESPY hidden voice recorder feature is not meant to harm anyone, hence the feature should only be used for legitimate purpose.

A subscriber who wishes to listen surround sound recordings can use this feature to monitor their minor kids. This feature will give you efficient parental control and will make your parenting proactive.

What are the other features offered by ONESPY?

There are plenty of other phone monitoring features that a user can use, some of which are listed below:

  • Spy call– ONESPY parental control app lets you track all phone calls made over the cell phone with the click of a button. Further the user can also access the entire call history to access all call logs via its control panel. ONESPY offers you call duration and also shows the direction of the phone call along with contact name and other info.

  • SMS Monitoring- SMS are an important source of information about any smartphone. You can read all text SMS whether incoming or outgoing instantly using ONESPY

  • Installed App Data- Along with the other noteworthy mobile monitoring features, ONESPY Monitoring voice recorder appalso updates you about the application data of other applications installed on the target device

  • Multimedia Files- Images, Videos, Mp3 and other multimedia files are a great way to monitor what the user keeps in its smartphone. ONESPY gives you access to all of it.

  • GPS locations- ONESPY notifies you about the live GPS location of the target android smartphone. You can do it by accessing the “Locations” tab on your control panel.

  • WhatsApp Monitoring- ONESPY processes all WhatsApp conversations including multimedia files swiftly to your control panel as soon as it receives internet connection.

  • Facebook tracking- Facebook is the most popular social media to connect with anonymous people. However, the same is now used to create nuisance. With the help of ONESPY cell phone Monitoring software you can also begin tracking Facebook.

  • IMO tracking- One of the most popular social media apps IMO, is available to all users across the globe. This app can be used for sharing texts and multimedia. ONESPY Monitoring call recorder can be used to Monitoring all such IMO conversations

  • Google Mail Monitoringing- Google mail or any other mailing services are one of the most popular ways of sharing files globally for official purposes. People use these apps to share various kinds of emails including the ones that are spams. You can keep your family secure with the help of ONESPY mobile Monitoring App.

Not only that, ONESPY lets you monitor on all the activities of any android smartphone with a single click.