Hidden Call Recorder

Listen call recordings of all phone calls remotely

  • Track all incoming calls and outgoing calls by Hidden call recorder.
  • Record all calls of your kids or employees remotely without them knowing.
  • Download call recordings from the online control panel of ONESPY
  • Access date, time and duration of the calls using call recorder
  • View contact names and numbers remotely on your device

Hidden Call Recorder

Introduction To Hidden Call Recorder: ONESPY android Monitoring App comes with many advanced features that aren’t even offered by a lot of our competitors.

Hidden Call Recorder is one of them. Once installed on the device, ONESPY phone monitoring app will permit you to record all incoming and outgoing voice calls made over the target android device.

You can further access other call information with the help of this Call recorder.

  • Record all incoming calls with ONESPY Monitoring call recorder

  • Record all outgoing calls with ONESPY hidden call recorder

  • Download call recordings from the online control panel of ONESPY

Once the phone calls are successfully recorded, the audio file is then transferred to your ONESPY control panel, which you can then download and hear anytime, anywhere with a secured internet connection.

Why it’s essential to install Hidden Call Recorder?

Hidden call recorder feature is a crucial part of phone monitoring. This advanced feature will help you record all incoming and outgoing phone calls that are made over the target android device.
With ONESPY hidden call recorder you can actively listen to any phone call made by the target device. Additionally, the control panel will also offer timestamp with call date and time info that will help you precisely monitor all cell phone calls.

Why users need Hidden Call Recorder?

ONESPY Spy call recorder feature is beneficial in the following scenarios:

Monitor your field staff: You’re an employer and has require ONESPY phone Monitoring App to monitor your employees. There are various CCTV cameras available which you can install in your office premises to monitor employees round the clock. However, you cannot keep an eye on your field staff whether it’s a sales, marketing or accounts personnel.

In case your business data is sensitive and you have a dynamic marketing staff, ONESPY will help you track all of their phone activities including live GPS location tracking, Instant messenger tracking, Text SMS tracking and other cell phone Monitoring features.

Record kids phone calls:

Kids nowadays are far ahead of their parents when it comes to cell phones. ONESPY cell phone Monitoring App features a ton of magnificent phone Monitoringing features which you are useful monitoring your kids. You can record your kids phone calls with the help of hidden call recorder on ONESPY.

You can also use voice call recorder feature while your kid is studying in hostel or is going on a vacation or picnic.

How to use ONESPY Hidden Call Recorder app?

ONESPY cell phone Monitoring App is available for all android smartphones across the world. The application is a brilliant solution to all phone tracking worries. Whether the troubles are associated with your business, home or family. ONESPY mobile phone Monitoring App is there to keep you secure at all times.

Using Spy call recorder feature on ONESPY is as easy as pie. A user who wishes to record phone calls first will have to install ONESPY phone monitoring application into the target android device. A user can purchase the application with the help of any of the three packages available on ONESPY website. Once installed successfully, all the recorded phone calls will be shared with your control panel as soon as the target device receives active internet connectivity.

What are the additional significant features you get with ONESPY Monitoring Call Recorder?

  • Spy call– ONESPY cell phone tracker app lets you track all phone calls made over the cell phone with the click of a button

  • Phone call history– ONESPY hidden Call Recorder lets you access entire call history available on the target android device.

  • Call logs- ONESPY lets you view call log, call duration and also shows the direction of the phone call. It also delivers contact name, info, email-id and other contact information on your control panel

  • SMS Monitoring– SMS are an important source to gather information about any smartphone. You can read all text SMS instantly using ONESPY.

  • Installed App Data– Along with the other noteworthy mobile monitoring features, ONESPY call recorder app also updates you of all the application data of other applications installed on the target device.

  • Ambient sound recording– ONESPY mobile Monitoring App is tremendously capable. It can record ambient sound around the target android smartphone.

  • Multimedia Files– Images, Videos, Mp3 files and other multimedia files are a great way to track the status of any android user. ONESPY gets you access to all of this with the click of a button over its control panel.

  • GPS locations– ONESPY cell phone Monitoring notifies you about the live location of the target android smartphone.

  • WhatsApp Monitoring– The process to monitor all WhatsApp conversations including multimedia files transferred over the devices got way simpler with the help of ONESPY cell phone Monitoring software.

  • Facebook tracking– Facebook is the most popular social media to connect with anonymous people. However, the same is also used to create nuisance. With the help of ONESPY phone tracker you can also begin tracking Facebook.

  • IMO tracking- A popular social media app IMO is available to all users globally. This app can be used for sharing text and photo data. ONESPY Monitoring call recorder can be used to Monitoring all such IMO conversations.

  • Google Mail Monitoringing– Google mail is one of the most popular ways of sharing files globally. People can use these Email services to share various kinds of emails including the ones that are spams. You can keep your family secure with the help of ONESPY mobile Monitoring App to keep yourself secure of all threats.

How to download Hidden Call Recorder on the target device?

All those users who wish to download ONESPY hidden call recorder on a target android device will have to visit ONESPY website. However, before proceeding with downloads, check your smartphone and operating system compatibility via the following link:

ONESPY App Compatibility

After checking the compatibility, purchase ONESPY application by visiting the website link mentioned below:


As of now, there are three advanced subscription plans available with ONESPY that a user can select from based on his personal requirements. All the subscription plans are available at their specific prices along with dedicated phone monitoring features: Standard, Premium and Bundle.
Read the installation guide to proceed further or contact our expert technical team for any queries related to phone tracking.

After the setup is complete, the login details will be shared with you over the mail provided by you earlier. Use these details to login and access the entire control panel via any internet browser.