Employee Tracking

Monitor employees to ensure data confidentiality and higher productivity

  • Track business phones in office premises at all times.
  • Record both side texts, calls and location of your working staff.
  • Find whether your employees are meeting with clients or not.
  • Ensure commercial devices are solely used for customer interaction.
  • Increase employee productivity by monitoring & maintaining phone data.

Increase Employee Productivity by deploying ONESPY in your company & actively track location of your field staff.

One of the much-admired features of ONESPY is that this android Monitoring App lets you track the live location of any android smartphone. Once deployed in the cell phones of your working staff, this GPS tracker app will update you about your employee's precise location.

If your sales staff is at field and you’re worried whether they're attending the client or not, ONESPY will help you out by delivering their precise location at your fingertips. This will save your energy and resources along with generating additional revenues.

Maintain Data Security

Cybersecurity is one of the major concerns of the technological evolution. Data of any company is their key asset, once lost or shared with opponent, devastation may come any time soon. Employees always have access to all private facts and figures of your company, sharing them in agony with competitors may lead your company to a downfall.

To maintain well-organized data secrecy and data security, ONESPY android Monitoring App shall be installed in all office android devices. This will help you monitor the activities of your employees round the clock along with making sure that their phones are absolutely tamper free.