Unlimited Free Device Change

Change Your Target Device as Many Times as you Want

  • Target device is lost? Install ONESPY on other device.
  • Transfer ONESPY App from one phone to other.
  • Get instant device change support.
  • Change device free of charge.

Device Change

An essential and one of its kind feature which is available to all ONESPY “Budget” and “Prime” package users. We understand that there are times when either the target person misplaces their smartphone or they replace their device at any point of time while ONESPY is installed on it, and the application stops sending data on the panel instantly. Well, ONESPY has the perfect solution for it. ONESPY gives you the ability to change your target device as many times as you want from now onwards.

Here are the scenarios in which this feature is useful:

You can now install ONESPY application on the new target device during your license duration innumerable times. But before you proceed, follow the steps given below.

Uninstall Onespy

Before you delete this device from Onespy server and re-use your existing license on new phone, you need to uninstall Onespy app from existing device. To do so, please follow below instructions to remove Onespy app from current device:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Click on Lock Screen & Security.
  3. After then click on Other Security Settings.
  4. Search for System Settings and de-activate it.
  5. Go back to Settings and go to Apps or Application Manager.
  6. Search for System Settings and uninstall it.

ATTENTION! Kindly uninstall Onespy app from the target device before deleting it from here otherwise it will wipe all the data on your current device. This action in destructive and the data cannot not be recovered again once deleted.

Install ONESPY on New Device / Reuse Existing Plan on New Device

Now that you’ve successfully removed the application from your target phone, it’s time to reinstall the application on your new or changed target device. For installing the app, please go to the installation guide page and follow the steps listed on it. The application will be installed in no time and the results will start displaying in a similar manner like before.